About us.

We manage dynamic talent.

Watercooler Talent manage the business, personal brand and creative interests of a select few clients across new and legacy media, publishing, arts, corporate, public performance and original content creation. By maintaining a small but delicious roster, we can offer a very hands on and individual approach to managing the day to day and strategic planning needs for our clients. We're not simply a premium service provider, we're stakeholders too. We take great pride in working hard to develop and manage the personal brand assets and value of every one of our clients. We are fully committed to do our best on their behalf.



What we do.

We provide a range of services for our clients.


Personal brand development.


Business negotiations.


Strategic commercial and creative partnerships.


Intellectual property development.


Creative thinking.


Media strategy and outreach.


Crisis management.


Long lunches.


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Who we are.

We are Watercooler.

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David Wilson. Managing Partner.

David founded Watercooler in 2003 and is the firm's managing partner. He has over 40-years experience working across a number of different roles including talent manager, executive producer of network television and radio programs, business affairs executive, international production financing and program distribution agent and crisis management consultant. He's also considered a fine dab hand at the traditional art of the long business lunch.

Andrew Gaul - Watercooler Talent.jpg

Andrew Gaul. Operations Manager.

Andrew has been with Watercooler since 2011 as Operations Manager. He oversees the day to day operations for the firms' talent roster, as well as the creative development and execution of our clients' personal brand assets across digital and traditonal platforms. He's also considered to be a leading field researcher of Australian gin.


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