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The Firm

Watercooler Talent has been representing the interests of a select few clients across all facets of media, entertainment and associated businesses since 2002. We're a very personal management firm - not a big agency.

The Team

David Wilson - Managing Director

David has nearly 40 years experience working in show business. During this time he has been a Talent Manager, Executive Producer of TV and radio programs, Creative Director, Business Affairs Executive, International Program Financing and Distribution, Brand Licensing, Crisis Management and very long lunches. He’s done it all. 

Andrew Gaul - Operations Manager

Andrew has been with Watercooler Talent for 7 years. As well as overseeing day to day client operations, Andrew brings with him creative flair and has been able to develop clients' branding and digital presence and lead creative teams to achieve first class results for clients of Watercooler Talent.

Media Arts Lawyers - Legal

David Vodicka and his team at Media Arts Lawyers have been representing Watercooler Talent and its clients since 2003. David Vodicka has over 25 years experience in media law and represents clients across music, film, TV, stage, print and digital. Together David Wilson and David Vodicka have crafted lucrative contracts and deals for clients of Watercooler Talent.

Banks Group - Finance

Serge Bolzanello and his team at Banks Group have been looking after Watercooler Talent finances since we started. Banks Group specialise in the media and entertainment sector and are also available to provide independent financial advice and services to our clients.



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