Former Policewoman Julia Robson is a licensed Private Investigator and Director of Online Investigations.

In 2016 Julia was cast in Network TEN's brand new series Long Lost Family where she uses her private investigating skills and expertise to search for estranged family members and helps them to reconnect.

Originating from New Zealand, Julia joined the NZ Police at the early age of 20 before gaining international experience through her work as a Corporate Investigator in the United Kingdom. During her time in London she travelled throughout Europe conducting undercover surveillance and investigated internal theft, fraud and a range of intellectual property based investigations.

It was while she was overseas Julia identified the trend for initial research and investigations being conducted via online techniques. Taking the knowledge learned from her time in Europe and ongoing training in America she has created a unique skill and niche expertise in the online investigation arena, and is widely identified as Australasia’s premier Internet Profiler.

In June 2011, on recognising the growing popularity of individuals using Internet dating sites, she created from scratch the service Cupidscreen – a specific service offering background checks and investigative services for users of online dating. Her success with this product included her travelling to Malaysia to assist with the arrest of a Nigerian based crime ring which she had uncovered operating online and the identification of an International fraudster who was using an alias online to attract female victims.


Long Lost Family


Certifcate III Investigations, Certificate IV Security and Risk Management, Diploma in Policing, Accredited Cyber Intelligence Professional (CCIP), Certified Intelligence Investigator (CCII), Online Profiling and Email Tracing Course (California)


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