Jess Rowe: "I'm a very proud crap housewife. It's a badge I wear with pride."

© 2017 Bauer Media.

© 2017 Bauer Media.

Jessica Rowe features in the November issue of Good Health's new look magazine.

In the new issue, Jess shares how she keeps her mental and physical health in check and what she chooses to focus her time and energy on in her personal and professional life.

"If we're open and honest it gives other people permission to do the same. I'm good at other things, but I'm not a good cook. I have a car you could live in it's so messy, and I've got piles of stuff everywhere. But that's okay, because more and more I realise I don't want to spend my time sweating that stuff. I want to spend it with the people I love, doing things i enjoy and they enjoy."

The newest issue of Good Heath is on stands now.

Andrew Gaul