Jess Rowe's wish for her girls: "I want them to be courageous."

© 2017 Pacific Magazines.

© 2017 Pacific Magazines.

Jessica Rowe and her daughters Allegra, 10, and Giselle, 8, feature in this month's issue of Marie Claire.

The new feature, Dreams For My Daughter, is a collaboration with the Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation and George Jensen, bringing awareness to the alarming statistic that 1500 women are diagnosed with ovarian cancer every year in Australia, and the need to find a cure.

"My dream for my girls is that they each grow up to be kind and have a good heart. I want them to be courageous, strong and able to do whatever they set their mind to. I want them to stand up to anyone who tries to crush their spirit," says Jessica.

The new issue of Marie Claire is available Thursday 31st August 2017.

Andrew Gaul