Check your letterbox - Ding Dong may be waiting for you!

Denise Drysdale Stamp.jpg

Denise Drysdale has today been honoured in a new special collection of stamps by Australia Post.

The collection showcases some of Australia's much loved TV personalities. Also featuring alongside Denise in the new stamps are Kerrie-Anne Kennerley, Ray Martin, Daryl Somers and Bert Newton.

“Each of these multi-award winning television personalities have made unique contributions to the Australian entertainment industry and have played a role in forming our national popular culture,” said Christine Holgate, Australia Post Managing Director and Group CEO.

“They are consummate performers who have entertained, informed and entranced generations of Australians. Together they encompass an incredible range of remarkable talents including journalism, variety hosting, interviewing, singing, acting and comedy.”

Congratulations Ding Dong!


Andrew Gaul