Jessica Rowe celebrates Christmas with the Australian Women's Weekly

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Jessica Rowe knows how to play to her strengths. The TV Presenter and self-confessed “crap housewife” leaves the cooking to her extended family when it comes to Christmas preparations, preferring instead to focus on the important thing - the trimmings.

“I love a theme,” Jessica, 48, grins. “We dress up our three cats, we have a fantastic talking reindeer that sings carols whenever you walk past. The girls (Giselle, 8, and a Allegra, 11) and I do the tree. I’ll put on antlers and we’ve got got great glasses with Chrissy trees or ‘Ho, Ho, Ho’ written on top of them.”

“Honestly, you should see out house, “ chips in Giselle. “When I go to other people’s houses they have matching decorations. But we have everything.”

The rest of Christmas will be simple and built to honour the bonds that tie them all together.

“Family is the most important thing in our lives,” says Jessica’s husband, journalist Peter Overton, 52. “And it’s really important that we all come together, not just at Christmas but as regularly as we can.”

“I’m so conscious that Christmas can be a stressful time for a lot of people because of the expectations put on it,” adds Jessica. “What matters most is being with the people who love and understand you the best. It doesn’t have to be the traditional idea of family, it can be friends or other people.”

Taken from the December 2018 issue of The Australian Women’s Weekly.

Andrew Gaul