Peter Berner announced as an Archibald Prize 2018 Finalist

"Self Portrait with Hindsight" by Peter Berner. 2018.

"Self Portrait with Hindsight" by Peter Berner. 2018.

Peter Berner has been announced as a finalist for the Archibald Prize 2018. Peter's self-portrait, titled "Self Portrait with Hindsight" is acrylic and pencil on plywood.

"A self-portrait allows me to sidestep the awkwardness of having a sitter who secretly feels the painting sucks but doesn’t want to hurt the artist’s feelings by saying so. I’ve hurt my own feelings many times, so I’m used to it," he says. 

"Also, I have spent a long time critically evaluating the person I see in the mirror each day, and I think this work speaks to that ongoing interrogation. It may also reflect the broader, current conversation asking men to examine their history and place honestly and critically. This would explain my anxious, unsettled expression."

Berner painted directly onto unprimed plywood. "I made the frame, which reveals some highly suspect carpentry skills,’ he says. ‘I wanted the piece to appear raw, immediate and “unfinished."

The winner of the Archibald Prize 2018 will be announced on Friday 11th May.

Andrew Gaul