Jessica Rowe opens up to The Australian Women's Weekly: "My daughters needed me more than ever."


Jessica Rowe and her family appear in this month’s issue of The Australian Women’s Weekly, available Monday 25th April. In the exclusive interview, Jessica Rowe shares with Juliet Rieden her reasons for leaving Studio 10 and why her daughters need her now more than ever.

“Now daughters were getting older, I realised they need me more than ever. I couldn’t ignore my life’s greatest work - being the best mother for them,” says Jess.

“I’ll be 49 in June and I’ve got nothing to lose anymore. I am more comfortable with who I am, so I really don't care as much what people think …

“When I was younger, it was all about projecting a particular image. But as I’ve gotten older I have become far more honest. You can’t be fabulous at everything and it’s okay not to be.”

Andrew Gaul