Peter Berner presents his new keynote, The Critical Crayon

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Stand up comedian, broadcaster, cartoonist, artist and Archibald Prize finalist Peter Berner presents a highly engaging, entertaining and inspiring keynote presentation for anyone looking to find a better way to navigate their way towards better thinking in today’s multiple screen-obsessed and connected world.

An enlightening keynote presentation on the value, need and benefit of understanding, cultivating and recognising creativity for business. It is widely recognised by business leaders and researchers that creativity and critical thinking are essential skills needed in business to best take advantage of the creative economy. But how do we do that for ourselves?

If we all rely on a search engine to answer our questions then we will all end up with the same answers and that’s not the pathway to a competitive edge. It’s time to step away from the screen and log in to your own personal super-computer - and the only power tool you need is a crayon.

Through laughter, stories, and interactive exercises with pen and paper Peter encourages business to cultivate a creative environment where innovation and brave thinking flourish and successful outcomes follow.

Illustration by Peter Berner.

Illustration by Peter Berner.

Peter never fails to disappoint and always receives the most glowing reviews from happy customers:

"The consummate professional; comfortable in his environment, completely unflappable and amusing in all the right spots."

— Interior Design Australia

"He was wonderful as the Master of Ceremonies and presenter of our awards."

— Australian Pharmaceutical Publishing Company


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